Wartburg 311 Camping Limousine

Wartburg 311 Camping Limousine, model 1959, fabricat în fosta Republica Democrata Germana (DDR). IST Models, scara 1/43, Colectia De Agostini.




2 comentarii la “Wartburg 311 Camping Limousine

  1. Cziczaki spune:

    It’s not from polish series „Kultowe auta PRL” because we have license plates with white letters on black plates. That Wartburg on this photos must be from series from another coutry.

    • Cziczaki, thanks for your visit and comment ! You have right – yesterday, I buy some others from Poland series – Opel Rekord 2100D, Simca Aronde A90, Volga Gaz 24-02 and Renault Estafette, all with Polish numbers – white letters on black plates.Will see from what collection is the Wartburg. Thx again !

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